Cats Are Awesome, Just Ask Them.


I’ve been quiet on here for a while, but I’ve had it in my head to make a post about our shed cat, Rufus. Then Zoe cat joined us as well, so I figured I might as well produce an all-cat extravaganza post. So if you like cute cat photos, you’ve come to the right place.

Name: Louie G

Likes: Sleeping under the blankets, sticking her bum in your face, back rubs and the fireplace.

Dislikes: Strange dogs, being put outside, Zoe cat.

Also known as: Catbearpig, Kitty Lumpkin, Your Sister’s Mongrel Cat, Spewy Louie.

Louie (named after Luigi from Super Mario) was the littermate of Sunny, who died earlier this year. In a story something like a cross between City Mouse, Country Mouse and Sons And Daughters, Louie spent her formative year living with my sister in Melbourne, while Sunny was raised with us on the farm.

When you’re a cat in the suburbs you have to make your own fun, so Louie spent a lot of time tormenting my sister’s dog and bringing home gifts of mice, worms and goldfish.

Upon coming back to the farm, she quickly took her place as the wacky counterpart to the more serious Sunny, and dominated her larger, more athletic sister at Kitty Smackdown several mornings a week for many years.

These days Louie loves to watch TV in the evenings and you have to be quick to grab her before she realises that it is time to go outside. If you are too slow she will disappear under the bed or leave you chasing her Benny Hill style around tables and chairs. If you are quick enough to catch her before she knows what you’re up to she will growl at you as you approach the front door to put her out.


Louie’s likes to lie in front of the fire and pretend to be a beanbag.


Inconveniently located scratching post prevents her from tearing up the carpet in this spot.


She doesn’t mind sitting through a few episodes of Orange is the New Black


Name: Zoe

Likes: Eating toes, fairy bread, watching footy with Callum

Dislikes: Louie, having a dirty litter tray.

Also Known As: Smoosh, Muppet Kitty

Zoe came from the RSPCA Pet’s Place. She had been picked up as a stray, and while her owners were located they did not want her back, so she was offered for adoption.

I have difficulty understanding why anyone wouldn’t want this little cutie back in their home. To begin with she was very docile, to the point where I was concerned that she might be unwell, as every time you picked her up she would go all floppy. But after a couple of days zooming around the house, getting up on the table and generally proving to be quite a livewire, I stopped worrying.

She still goes floppy and relaxes completely when you pick her up, but she’s just a super chilled-out little cat. She hangs out with Callum, sleeping in his bed, watching footy on TV, sorting out the footy cards, and even playing with her little squashy football. Even the hordes of children who descended on our house for Callum’s recent birthday party didn’t bother her – she was happily passed around for cuddles and didn’t do the normal disappearing act that cats tend to do at parties.

She struts around the house like she owns the place, but will retreat to one of her hiding places (under the buffet, in the back of the fridge, the suitcase in Callum’s room) when she hears the bell on Louie’s collar.



All feet must die!


Zoe off with the fairies after stealing some fairy bread…


Name: Rufus

Likes: Goats, goat milk, hunting.

Dislikes: Dogs

Also Known As: Wuffy, Ferocious Kitty, Savage Beast

I was desperate to find a solution for the rat and mouse problem in the goat and poultry shed, so I put out word that I was looking for a shed cat. A work colleague found me a seven week old ginger kitten on a local buy, swap and sell network, and Rufus came to live with us.

At that time he looked like this…


I wasn’t completely sure about leaving such a tiny little furball to live in the shed, but he started out in a cage, being let out while supervised, then spending his days outside and soon graduating to the free-range life.

He killed his first mouse before he was even old enough to be desexed, and soon the only evidence of rodents that I found in the shed were the bits he didn’t eat, like rat tails and jaw bones. He eradicated all the rats and mice from the area and began to venture further afield. He regularly brings rabbits from the house yard back to the shed to eat. He did eat one young Silkie cockeral, but apart from occasionally smacking an upstart chicken he mostly leaves them alone.

He has adapted to outdoor life incredibly well. He will snuggle up with the goats on cold mornings and follow them down the paddock during the day. He has come to expect a dish of milk at milking time every morning. He waits on the gate post each morning and night when I come across at feed time, and climbs on my head and shoulder while I open the gate. He then rubs his head on mine, purring enthusiastically, as I transport him across the yard to the shed.

The farmyard and shed are his domain, and he oversees them admirably. He is always there to help with chores, unless he is busy hunting. This will be the first kidding season with him in residence, so it will be interesting to see what he thinks of all that.



Free range cat out for a morning stroll