Of Cheese and Chickens is here for me to document my small farming exploits and attempts toward sustainability. To share the highs and lows of my stock and crops, examine what goes well and what does not, and ponder the meaning of it, to a small extent.

Elcarim Farm is 22 acres southwest of Ballarat. We are very open to the elements compared to the more suburban gardeners. Our main production is Anglo Nubian goats and their milk and milk products. Poultry is another major enterprise with chickens, geese and ducks in the yard. I run a few ponies left over from my now closed New Forest Pony stud, and I endeavour to grow fruits and vegetables, with varying degrees of success.

This property is the lifeblood of myself and my children, and we are incredibly happy here. Relative newcomer Matt seems to quite like spending time here too. Just being here on a pleasant spring or summer evening is enough to make me realise how lucky I am to have this place. The peace, the abundance, the simple joy of eating fresh produce or cuddling a goat.

I consider that nature is my god and the Earth is my church. So my drive to care for the land and its creatures and create from it naturally is somewhat a spiritual one as well.

So please enjoy. I intend to include gardening tips, the odd recipe, goals and outcomes for the garden, as well as general updates on how things are travelling.


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