Old Dog, New Schtick


Don’t panic, it’s the same old Cheese and Chickens you have grown to love… mostly.

Since so much of what I do is in the pursuit of good food, I have decided to focus this blog on exactly that. Food from its conception, hatching or sprouting right up until it is cooked and served.

People comment that what I do is the result of some kind of virtue, and don’t get me wrong I love being told how ‘good’ I am for making food from scratch. But I do it because I enjoy it, and for those who don’t enjoy it or simply don’t have time… well, that’s what food retailers are for.

I do get asked how I find the time and the simple answer is that I knock off work at 2pm and I don’t watch a lot of TV. To be more honest, though, the truth is that I make time because I find it rewarding and fun. There is also the added bonus that nobody can begrudge me these pleasures because they benefit my family’s health as well as my own.

Some of the things I do really don’t take a lot of time. Some really do.

There will be how-tos and recipes, some background production info and project summaries. And the briefest of nods to the cuisinier sans vetements, whose enthusiasm I share when it comes to informing my audience about where good food comes from. Even if I have more clothes and less qualifications.


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