Endless Summer


I am much more a summer person than a winter person. I love the long evenings, with plenty of time to spend in the garden. The way the summer crops do so well in the heat as long as they have plenty of water. Laying on the trampoline on a warm night and watching the stars. Taking dogs and ponies swimming in the dam. Not having to put on layers of clothing to go out milking in the morning. Being able to get a load of washing washed and dried inside a couple of hours.

I don’t like mosquitoes, but shit happens. And the flies are bad this year.

We have had a week of heat, and my pumpkins are loving it, as are the tomatoes and potted capsicums. The corn is growing nicely, and for the first time I actually have basil happily growing, albeit in the house.

Once-a-day milking of three does gives me about five litres. Rianna drops right off as soon as her kids are weaned, but first lac doe Sienna is producing well and behaving much better on the milk stand. The heat has taken a toll on the big doe Lucy, and Meredith is still feeding her 6mo doe kid.

We stumbled upon a fully insulated dog kennel at the transfer station and brought it home as a potential nesting shed for the chooks. Rhode Island Red hen Buffy is now parked on about a dozen eggs and keeping beautifully cool even on the really hot days. Fingers crossed for some fluffy yellow babies in a couple more weeks.

The goslings are about 10 weeks old, huge, healthy and magnificent. The two boys will go in the freezer at some point. I don’t know what I’ll do with the young grey girls, perhaps we can figure out a way for them to nest individually next season to avoid the disasters that come from geese sharing a nest.

I’ve got cider bubbling away. That is another thing that does well in the heat, as it needs to be kept between 23 and 28 degrees. Looking forward to tasting this less-improvised batch after the last attempt was tipped down the sink. It had 1% alcohol and tasted like burning.

For those who have suggested that they would buy goat milk soap if I made it, look out… I plan to do just that. I’ll let you know when products are ready for testing.


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